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Sridhar Says Rules Are Set To Break

Sandalwood news:

Monday evening was a day for breaking rules at the Bell Hotel. The party is banned after 6 pm in the film circles Chandrasthra’ (KFPA President Chandrasekhar rule). But the brilliant and bold editor Agni Sridhar went against to it.

He received a call which said not to conduct the program after 6pm, but he gave a satisfactory reply saying, "‘I want to talk to my colleagues and indulge in argument for good cause" and later Sridhar batted questions from the media after the audio release.

The argument went on for a long time for the sarcastic reaction given by a journalist ‘Kannada Illi Uliyak agutha’ and came to the issue of ‘Magadheera’ onslaught faced by the Kannada films. At this fine moment Sridhar threw a challenge that he will make a movie starring ShivrajaKumar and will invite any non Kannada film to contest against it in Karnataka.

Sridhar said, "The point Sridhar made is that the budget of the film and technology counts nowadays but not the subject. Those who saw Magadheera say it is Rs.30 or Rs.40 crore film - they are not telling anything on the contents".

At he end of the party on Monday night, it came into picture that Raja Mouli the director of 'Magadheera' movie was inspired by the for the subject of his film from Dr.Rajakumar’s ‘Raja Nanna Raja'. It is believed that, Raja Mouli has made a few twists to Kannada film in the movie Magadheera.


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