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Muniya Movie Review

Sandalwood News:

Hero: Mayur Patel

Heroine: Sahithya

Director: Nagachandra

Producer: Muniraj

Music Director: Abhiman Roy

This movie is like an old wine in a new bottle. Even though the director Nagachandra has claimed that, this is a fresh story it is similar like other movies. The movie has got all sentiments, comedy, and action but there are many movies of the same sequence.

This movie is an action cum love story where fight scenes are the highlight of the movie. The movies are all about an innocent village youth, who enters the underworld to save his love. This movie looks like the reformations of the Dania movie.

The first half of the movie checks the audience patience which deals with an item song, fighting, and a glimpse of comedy. The songs seem to start unnecessarily. The second half of the movie deals with the hero's flash back, this is where the director shows lack of imagination.

About the Story:

Muniya is a village youth who works under a rich land lord. The Landlord's daughter falls in love with him, but he does not mind her and behaves as an honest servant. She forces him to take her to city and the rest of the story is formed based on the incidents occur in the city.

Director Nagachandra has not understood that, audience will not like only comedy, action and sentiments but expects much more than these. He has neglected few sequences, where it could have done and improved still better.

Mayur Patel has acted in this movie after a long break and has shown excellent performance, especially in the action scenes, which is the highlight of the movie but the village suit costume will not suit him.

Even though actor Sahithya impresses audience in her first film, she will not suit for the village girl role. Rangayana Raghu has delivered his usual performance. Abhiman Roy's music is good. The song 'Dasi Madiko Enna....’ rocks the audiences. Actress Sheetal has very little scope to perform, she fills the glamour slot.


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