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Audio of Shishira Movie Launched

The audio of the movie Shishira launched on at the Citadel Hotel near Anand Rao Circle in Bangalore. This movie is produced by Mahashaili Cine Sankula and CMB Venture and has completed successfully. A grand audio release was held, where Jayanth Kaikini released the audio and there was more enthusiasm in the young team of Manju Swaraj.

The three songs contributors namely, director Manju Swaraj, skilled composer and lyricist K Kalyan and the relative of the director Krishne Gowda have not taken the payment for the contribution of song each.

Just before the audio launch Nagathihalli Chandrashekar remembered the fate of many film makers in the half years, should not fall into such category said Manju Swaraj. Krishne Gowda. Who has scored the songs is hoping to gain popularity in future.

The efficient and able director expressed his happiness that the film has already conquered the Tamil and Telugu markets and the songs will make you feel pleasant, says Manju Swaraj.


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