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The S Factor Director Shifted to M Factor

Sandalwood News:

The so called 'S' factor director of movies 'Sambaram', 'Sainika', 'Sarvabowma' is now shifting to 'M' factor from 'Malebille' (both M and S are his starting letter of his name) and has written six songs in his film 'Sukhadhare'.

The audio was released on Monday morning by noted director Bhargava. The music is tuned by Manikanth Khadri. HR Kodandaramu and TN Anand are the producer of ‘Malebille’.

Director Bhargava showing concern towards Kannada film pointing to media said that the media should be soft in writing reviews. It is all about the opinion of one single person.

Help the industry to grow from good reviews he felt. At this time he also urged the Kannada cinema industry people to give up ‘Male’ titles in the coming days.

Manikanth Khadri has roped his father the eminent saxophone player Dr Khadri Gopalanth for two minutes tune in the film. Apparently this is the first entry of Khadri Gopalanth in cinema.

The comfortable rights are given by Manoranjan audio said Sukhadhare. MB Babu, AS Murthy wished good returns to the movie on the stage.


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